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  • Recent!! Two Bailey Bridges have been erected (load capacity : 40 Ton)
  • Recent !! Project affected 18 households are successfully transfered into resettlement houses
  • Recent !! Vertical shaft 32 meter of Surge tank of Sanjen(Upper) Hydroelectric Project has been break through.
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Introduction to Sanjen(Upper)Hydroelectric Project

Sanjen Jalavidhyut Company Limited (SJCL) is a subsidiary of Chilime and was incorporated in February 2010 as a public limited company. SJCL has planned to develop two new projects–Sanjen Hydroelectric Project (SHEP) having capacity of 42.5 MW and Sanjen(Upper) Hydroelectric Project (SUHEP) of capacity 14.8 MW in Rasuwa district of Central Development Region. Both the projects SHEP and SHUEP are running in parallel to meet the target of completion in December 2016 A.D and June 2016 A.D respectively.The plant is planned to install in the National Grid through a single circuit transmission line at Chilime hub located at the Rasuwa district.

The company will manage the debt requirement of the project from the EPF for which tri-partite loan arrangement has been signed between EPF, Chilime and SJCL. The equity investment will be made through 51% promoter share and 49% public share. Chilime has 38% shareholding in SJCL. The promoter share will be raised first then after public share.